We help businesses grow online using power of AI

As fellow entrepreneurs and AI experts, we’re passionate about ensuring you never miss an online opportunity just because you lack the bandwidth.

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We know because we’ve been there

Leveraging our combined 50 years of experience, we take worrying about your online presence off your plate, exponentially grow your client base, and empower you to focus all your energy towards delivering service excellence.

Meet Voolt by the numbers

  • 2700

    Leads generated per day

  • 16,000

    Total customers registered

  • 34M

    Ad views per month

  • 1,000s

    Of growing businesses


The online toolbox we wish we had

While large companies rely on Google Ad experts, SEO specialists, and media strategists for online growth, most small businesses barely have time to create a website. After years of building successful online businesses, Jacob and Nuf, Voolt's founders, began receiving constant requests from friends wanting help reaching customers online.

As the pair started achieving exponential growth for many of their friends' companies, they recognized the almost ubiquitous need for online support across small businesses. Leveraging their AI and machine learning backgrounds, Jacob and Nuf decided to automate the process that sparked their friends' success and level the playing field for small businesses. The result is Voolt: The platform dedicated to empowering businesses of all sizes to reach their full potential.

Our people are our pulse

Our team spans a wide range of backgrounds and specialties, united by our passion for empowering small businesses to focus on customers while we grow their client base.

  • Jacob F.

    Jacob F.


  • Nuf S.

    Nuf S.


  • Alex H.

    Alex H.

    QA Tester

  • Angelica S.

    Angelica S.


  • Andy G.

    Andy G.

    Social Media

  • Arthur M.

    Arthur M.


  • Daniel G.

    Daniel G.


  • Dharmik K.

    Dharmik K.

    AI Content

  • Doce F.

    Doce F.


  • Eddy P.

    Eddy P.

    Lead Developer

  • Gustavo V.

    Gustavo V.

    Customer Service

  • Jamilson J.

    Jamilson J.


  • Joao C.

    Joao C.


  • Jose M.

    Jose M.


  • Kelvin F.

    Kelvin F.

    System Administrator

  • May L.

    May L.

    Customer Service

  • Natasha M.

    Natasha M.


  • Noel A.

    Noel A.

    AI Content

  • Oleg B.

    Oleg B.


  • Pam M.

    Pam M.

    QA Tester

  • Roberto J.

    Roberto J.

    Lead Developer

  • Silvestre V.

    Silvestre V.


  • Vasyl P.

    Vasyl P.

    Project Manager

  • Yurii P.

    Yurii P.


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